[rs_space lg_device=»100″ md_device=»» sm_device=»50″ xs_device=»30″][rs_special_text font_weight=»700″ font_size=»30px» font_color=»#30373b»]Countdown Shortcode[/rs_special_text][rs_space lg_device=»15″ md_device=»» sm_device=»30″ xs_device=»»]

Our pre-built shortcodes let you create custom pages with almost no effort. You just open visual composer, choose your shortcode to place on your custom made page. You can, of course, tweak our pre-made templates with shortcodes as well.

[rs_space lg_device=»50″ md_device=»» sm_device=»30″ xs_device=»»][rs_countdown_timer year=»2018″ month=»11″ day=»23″ hour=»12″ minute=»12″ second=»12″]
[rs_space lg_device=»100″ md_device=»» sm_device=»» xs_device=»»]